My domain has expired. How do I re-instate it?

If a domain has expired, it enters a deletion phase. For a limited time, (it differs but in the case of 20 days) the domain can still be re-instated but it is subject to the payment of a redemption fee of R200.
The process is as follows:
1. The domain will expire
2. The domain will go through the Pending Suspension and Pending Deletion Phases
3. After the Pending Deletion phase is over, the domain enters the Closed Redemption Phase
4. In the Closed Redemption Phase a domain can be reinstated at the cost of the Closed Redemption Fee (Starting from R200)
5. If a domain is not reinstated in the Closed Redemption Phase, it will be deleted at the end of the phase
6. After this the domain is open for registration again. 
Please note it may not be available as there are numerous domain parking agencies that will grab these domains on expiry and use it for advertising purposes so it might be lost forever.
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