CPanel introduced a new pricing structure that affects everybody in the world who makes use of the CPanel web hosting management software.

A license fee is now charged for individual hosting accounts where in the past there was only a serverwide license fee irrespective of the number of hosting packages on the server.

This individual license fee increased the cost ofproviding web hosting services and unfortinately ZAWeb Hosts will, like all other Cpanel based hosting service providers,  have to include this fee in our hosting price structure.

The increase will be R80 per year irrespective of the hosting package.

In addition to the cost the following measures will be applied in future to prevent unneccesary costs.

Unpaid (suspended) Hosting accounts will be terminated after 3 months.

Backups will only be kept up until the account is terminated.

After the termination date, there will be no way to recover any of the data on the account.

ZAWeb Hosts

Sunday, November 24, 2019

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