Please note - In order to optimise server performance, keep up with the latest standards and server security we regularly perform software upgrades.

This may result in changes to the configuration of the server and may affect websites utilising older technology. Please consult your webmaster and confirm the compatibility of your website with the new configuration.

Affected Modules and Software

The following modules and software have relevance :

Apache Module Changes will include:

  • mod_mpm_prefork - This will be removed
  • mod_mpm_worker - This will be added

PHP library changes will include:

  • php-bz2 - This will be removed
  • php-fpm - This will be removed
  • php-gettext - This will be remvoved
  • php-intl - This will be removed
  • php-ioncube6 - This will be upgraded to the latest version, please verify compatibility
  • php-opcache - This will be added
  • php-tidy - This will be removed
  • php-zendguard - This will be removed
  • php-sourceguardian - This will be added

Other general modules that will be effected are as follows:

  • libtidy - This will be removed

PHP v7.2 will be added to the server, please note that as PHP 5.6 no longer receives security updates it will eventually be phased out and completely removed from the server during December 2018.

PHP v7.2 will be set as the standard global version, if you require your hosting package to remain on PHP v5.6 please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make provision for this.

Please note that most of the libraries due for removal are not compatible with mod_mpm_worker and can therefore not be retained.

Sheduled Update Date

The above mentioned update will occur on 14 April 2018, it is therefore recommended that you consult your webmaster and confirm compatibility of your website with the new configuration beforehand. Once the updates have been actioned ZAWebHosts takes no responsibility should your website no longer display correctly.

If you find that your website no longer works please consult your webmaster and request that he/she updates your website configuration to be in line with our server.

Kind Regards
ZAWebHosts Team

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

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